24 Hour Flood Cleanup
I remember driving down towards New Orleans after Katrina to help a friend bring 55 gallon barrels of water to people who didn't have power. I had no idea that a few weeks later, I would be back tearing out sheetrock that was waist high covered with mold.  I had another guy ask me if I wanted to go with him.  I went down there intending to cut some trees down, and ended up on the street that first night, during martial law. 

The accomidations I was supposed to have fell through, and my ride baled on me. It was crazy.  I had no way to get home, and litterally just prayed while heating up an MRE the national guard gave me. 
As I was eating, a box truck pulled up across the parking lot.  The guy yelled out the window from a distance, "YOU NEED A JOB?"  I jumped up and ran to that truck, knowing God just answered my prayer.  It was an owner of a flood repair company.  He had no idea I cleaned carpet, and had done flood repair.  I ended up in a camper with his crew, and worked for a few weeks, until I made my way back home a month later. 
I loved those guys...THANK GOD I wasn't with some crazys. lol

I have seen the worst of the worst, and I am never happy to see anyone go through a disaster.  If you do need me, I'll take care of your needs.